Infant Burial Gown Program

Free infant burial garment

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns provides an infant burial gown or garment to any parent faced with pregnancy and infant loss. One of our local hospitals in Virginia has over 20 infants alone that are lost every month to a miscarriage or stillbirth. When this tragedy hits, there is not an option to find a burial gown in a local store that would fit appropriately. Our infant burial gowns are handmade from donated wedding gowns. They are available in micro wraps, preemie, and small to large.


We select an “angel gown” best suited based on weight, gender, and availability. We deliver at no charge and offer comfort along with the garment for any bereaved family. The last moments last a lifetime and our simple gift is available to make it beautiful as it should be. Family, friend, nurse, or parent can complete the burial gown request online.

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