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We are not accepting gowns at this time. We can not predict when this will change. Thank you for your patience and support.

Give your wedding dress a new purpose

Thank you for your interest our wedding gown donations. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns’ programs are only possible because of generous donors and volunteers. Wedding gowns are shipped from across the nation and transformed into beautiful burial garments in the hands of our volunteers.

Your wedding dress would help multiple bereaved families faced with pregnancy or infant loss. One dress provides several infant burial gowns or garments for infants who pass away during their hospital stay. All of the burial items are handmade by volunteer seamstresses and delivered in person or sent expedited–all at no cost to the receiving family.

We are honored that you would partner with us to help grieving families in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our surrounding communities, and across the United States.​

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Ship & Drop-Off

How to make a wedding gown donation

Step 1: Fill Out Donation Form

  • Complete the online form
  • Print PDF form to include with your donation

Step 2: Pack It

  • Wash or dry clean the dress
  • Pack your wedding dress in the smallest box possible
  • Include printed PDF form

Step 3: Mail or Drop Off

  • Ship promptly (USPS preferred to our PO Box)
  • Drop off (pre-selected dates) instructions sent in email receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Gown Donations


Do I have to dry-clean my gown before shipping?

No, but it is preferred (any regular dry clean service will do). Machine washing at home is often acceptable too. Do not worry about any small stains or tears.

What if my wedding dress is more than a year old?

As long as the gown fabric is in good condition and dry-cleaned, we can use it for our patterns. 

What kind of gowns do you accept?

We accept all wedding gowns that have been dry cleaned (or washed) and in good condition. We also accept bridesmaid gowns of any color.

Is a gown donation considered a charitable donation?

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations made to us are tax-deductible. Once your gown is received, a tax receipt is emailed to the donor. Drop-off donations are sent throughout the year, arriving in time for the tax filing season.

Why do you temporarily close wedding gown donations?

Gown donations are often received on a regular basis and the ongoing donations are appreciated and needed. We close donations in order to concentrate on making the infant burial gowns from our current inventory.

Do you accept other wedding items?

We also accept veils, headpieces, and sashes. 

Are you accepting gown donations right now?

If donations are closed, you can find a banner at the bottom of our website or on this page indicating the closure.

What method should I use to ship my gown?

USPS is preferred, but you may use any carrier that ships to a P.O. Box in the United States.

Can I drop off a gown donation ?

Yes, if you are in or near Virginia Beach, VA we can accept your wedding gown in person on select dates (bi-monthly). Please complete the online form to begin.

Can I have gowns sent to me for local distribution of my choice?

No, we do not send infant burial gowns for this purpose. If you are a bereaved parent in need of a garment, please see our infant gown request page.

Who pays to ship a donated wedding gown?

The donor is responsible for the shipping cost of their wedding gown to Kennedy’s Angel Gowns.

Donate My Wedding Gown

Simple Online Process

It is an honor to receive your wedding gown to provide infant burial gowns free of charge to families. The online process will walk you through the steps to prepare your dress for donation. You will need a valid email address, contact info, and brief details of the gown. If you held onto your receipts and other purchasing documentation it will help in determining the fair market value of the donation (if requesting a recept for tax purposes).

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